Timeshare Scam Database

The scams listed below have all been confirmed to be scams. Unfortunately, the scammers are quick to open up new fake companies and continue victimizing timeshare owners. If you are victim of any of the scams below and would like to share more information please email us at info@timesharescamhotline.com.

We recommend you report the scam to your local attorney general, and the attorney general of the state where the scammers claim to be located.

We also recommend you file a complaint with the following organizations. Links to their scam reporting forms are included.

FBI – Internet Crime Complaint Center – https://www.ic3.gov/
Federal Trade Commission – https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov
International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network – https://www.econsumer.gov/en
Profeco – Mexican Attorney General – https://consulmex.sre.gob.mx/montreal/index.php/en/foreigners/services-foreigners/318-consumer-protection

If you would like to help protect others from being a victim of a timeshare scam please share any information you can by filling out our form here.

CompanyNamesPhone & EmailInfo
Please Note:Many scam operations will find legitimate business and fraudulently claim to be that legitimate company. The scam operations are also known to create fake websites for these business. Many scam operations also pretend to be the resort/developer and will create a fake website and emails that look like they are employees of the resort. The scammers will also impersonate attorneys and real estate agents. Please contact us if you wish to verify any transaction involving a timeshare.
1913 Capital Group LLC.,https://.1913capitalgroupllc.com

Phones: (917) 624-9338 | (917) 745-3729 Fax: (917) 473-2191
Mike Lara CEO

Jennifer Lino
Assistant Escrow Officer
en. lino@1913capitalgroupllc.com

William Canzino
Escrow Officer
Working in conjunction with "Ace Properties"

Megan Davis , President



p.h (920) 931-02-

Fax: (920)350-7251


Working in conjunction with Cameron Title Company
625 Hathaway LLCArmando Rex Valdomar Santos, Vincent Gilbert Pacheco JrPhone: 303-569-4487 Email: contact@625hathawayllc.com Address: 9615 Aspen Hill Circle Lone Tree, CO 80163
AB TimesharesABtimeshares.com
Classic scam in which the caller claims to have a buy at a high price, in this case nearly four times the purchase prices and requires 5% paid by the seller to process the transaction
AB Timeshares, LLCTara Diaz(252)822-7414

1241 Dabney Drive, Henderson. NC. 27536



This scammer is posing as a broker claiming to have a buyer for your timeshare at a high price. She requests a transfer fee be paid to a fake escrow account to complete the transfer. The scammer was seeking $3,250 in this case.

We spoke with the true owner of the LLC "AB Timeshares, LLC" registered in North Carolina. They confirmed they are in no way involved in the scam and are working with the authorities to shut them down.
Absolutely Amazing VacationsKevin ReedKevin@absolutelyamazingvacations.com

(404) 424-8815

Involved with scam to purchase Grand Mayan and solicit wire fraud. We've seen this scam twice so far this year.
Accelerated Sales and MarketingBroker Gary Maurice Shemper Jr. (404) 418-7205 gary.shemper@acceleratedsalesandmarketing.com2900-A Paces Ferry Road SE, Atlanta, GA 30339 USA E-mail: Contact@acceleratedsalesandmarketing.com Website: http://www.acceleratedsalesandmarketing.com PH: 404-418-7205 FAX: 1-470-300-7905 Acts as a timeshare acquisition firm. Working in tandem with Smart Advantage Group.
Ace Properties LLCJames Adams
Real Estate Broker

Robert K. Larsen
Sales Director
Ace Properties, LLC

1701 Market St., Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: 267-678-0104 ext. 375 Fax: 267-573-3697
Calls unsolicited, claiming to have buyers for timeshares. In January 2020, they began working with a fraudulent escrow company named 1913 Escrow Ltd. Found to deal primarily with offering to buy Mexican timeshare properties.
Acquisitions Marketing Group
"works" with Escrow & Title Consulting, LLC (www.escrowandtitleconsultingllc.com)Virginia

Calls claiming to have buyer for your timeshare.
Advance Closing Services LLCJason F. PenaAddress: 80 Cutter Mill Rd. Great Neck, NY 11021 / website: www.aclosingservicesllc.com / email: executive@aclosingservicellc.com Wire transfers no chasiers checks.
AirGorilla Corp (Pretending to be the Mexican Branch of AirGorilla)Raymond Reyes
Barbara Starr
Sandra Torres
Edward Ortiz
Nicholas Salazar
Joseph Hernandez
Ivy Rodriguez
Tony Vazquez
Andrea Gonzalez Avila
Ivan Herrera
Av. Paseo de la Reforma 222, Torre 1
Piso 29 Juarez, Cuahutemoc, 06600 Ciudad de
México, CDMX, México. Phone: 1 (877) 281 0347
|Fax: 1 (888) 834 5974





Scammers are posing as Air Gorilla, a real legitimate online travel site.

The scammers have purchase the website airgorilla.com.mx , which autoredirects to the legit site airgorilla.com. The scammers are able to send and receive email that looks like it is coming from AirGorilla, but if you look a bit deaper the .mx at the end of the email address is the only way to see that it is not legitimate.

The scammers claim to be purchasing timeshare ownerships in the US and Mexico to rent out on their platform. The real Air Gorilla is not in the market of buying inventory to rent on their website.

Scammers claim to take a 5% commission when the funds are deposited into the sellers bank account. However, the scammers require fees be wired to a bank in Mexico to cover non existant fees such as International Capital Gains Taxes, International Notary fees, Membership Reports, etc.

The scammers also pretend to be an attorney in California named Timohty Dennis Hance Law Firm. They claim the law firm is holding the money and in charge of closing. In all reality the scammers are both posing as Air Gorill and Timothy Hance Law Firm.
All Counties Escrow IncRobert GaliciaPhone: 844-367-9593 Fax: 513-536-6399 Address: 313 W 4th
Allegro Travel Vacations Group, LLCJames SolivanPhone: 312-248-7490 Fax: 312-248-7413 Email: info@allegrotravelvacationsgroupllc.com Website: https://allegrotravelvacationsgroupllc.com/
American Financial Management GroupPatrick BrownPhone: 720-452-7552 Toll Free: 855-975-2743 Fax: 720-368-5447 Address: www.americanfinancialmanagementgroup.us
American First Property RentalJonathan Davisinfo@afcpropertymanagement.com

134 2nd Ave S. Nashville, TN 37201
(615)-866-5326 &

Offers to rent your timeshare out for large some of money. Then the broker requests you pay him wire him his commission once you receive fraudulent check. Your money will transfer, his check won't cash.
Asset World Investments, LLC, Trust & Mortgage Commercial Properties Atty., Atty. Humberto Lopez ArroyoDavid Chamberlin (broker), Matthew Davidson, Dominic Madrid (legal dept.), Rebecca Miller (CPA-Closing Agent), Atty. Humberto Lopez Arroyo, Atty. Eduardo Perez GuzmanPhone: 505-207-7566, Fax: 1-866-293-3830, Email: mailto:customerservice@assetworldinvestment.com , Website: https://www.assetworldinvestment.com/ , Address: 6301 Indian School Road NE #690, Albuquerque NM 87110 \ Phone: 615-933-5261, Email: mailto:info@trustandmortgage.com , Website: https://www.trustandmortgage.com/ , Address 134 2nd Ave. S, Nashville TN 37201 \ Central Office, Mexico City
Ministry of Finance and Public Credit
Tributary Administration Service
Ave. Morelos 77, Col. Guerrero 06300
Mexico City, Mexico
*Mexico* Contract States:Keep in mind by signing this Authorized Offer to Purchase, you are not committing nor obligated to anything you are just expressing your desire to sell. 30% Mexican sales tax
Avalon Title and Escrow, LLC Marketing Richard H. JohnsonTel: (303) 993-1916 7535 East Hampden Ave. Suite 400 Accounting Tel: (303) 993-1923 Denver, Colorado, 80231 Fax: (303) 845-9113 www.avalontitleandescrowllc.com contact@avalontitleandescrowllc.com escrow@avalontitleandescrowllc.comFraudulent escrow company used by Mexican Timeshare Scam Agents.
Bavaro Timeshare ClosingMARIAN DAYENI LUNA CASTRO - Brokerhttps://www.bavarotimeshareclosing.com/

TELEPHONE: 916-222-5118
Toll Free (800)498-9530
Fax 844 296 0941
3960 Howard Hughes Pkwy Suite 178
Las Vegas, NV 89169
This outfit was caught offering 80K for a Grand View Las Vegas timeshare to an unsuspecting couple. They became suspicious when they were asked to wire money to buyers in Dominican Republic.
Bayview Property ManagementBrian West
David Forester
1601 5th Ave Seattle, WA 98101
P. (206) 483-0053
F. (206) 858-9642 www.bayview-propertymanagement.com
Perpetrator of scams involving timeshare properties in Mexico
BBVA Bancomer (Mexico)Miguel HidalgoAddress: SUC. MACRO PLAZA PUERTO VALLARTA
CP 63737
Account # 00744708680116406548
Bear Claw Travel, Best Investment Services Yannis Hoffman

3190 S. Vaughn Way/Aurora, Co. 80014.

Phone: 1-720-360-0596


Works in conjunction with "Best Investment Services"
Benchmark EscrowMicheal Copeland 206-565-0004
Fax- 206-565-0004
201-377-5952 (phony website registered to this #)
Phony escrow company - http://www.benchmarkescrowinc.com/escrow-services.html
(created in June of 2017). Most likely hiding behind legitimate company,
Best ConceptsVarious Names210 W Capitol St
Jackson, MS 39201
(601) 207-0582

A BBB investigator tried to visit this business and could not locate this address. Company is not at the address listed on website. Investigator call company and spoke to a company representative who could not verify the address and was put on hold for a supervisor who never came to the phone.

Best Timeshare SellersJohn Smith123 Main St, New York, NY 10809
Beta Property HoldingsJoseph Wood, David Jones, Jonathan Ramirez, Richard KorbelPhone: Joseph 702-357-4110 ext 1817 / David 702-297-6266 Fax: 7026204452 Email: woodjoseph@betapropertyholdingsinc.com Address: 3800 HOWARD HUGHES PKWY. SUITE 405
Beta Property Holdings, Inc.Matthew FisherMaking large offers, $48,350 in this case, from a "corporate buyer". They will attempt to get you to wire some smaller amount to keep the deal moving. It's always a trap.
BNB LLC International

Jerry White

Sales Associate
Toll free: 1 (866) 882-8605 Ext. 211
Fax: (612) 248-1974
1400 Park Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55404
Contacts timeshare owners with a "standing offer", which "corresponds to the market value of [their] membership." They request your information via a “Letter of Intent”.

Alleges to work with Condie Wayne Escrow (see following entry)
Bookingcorp.com.mxAv. Paseo de la Reforma 342, Juárez, Cuauhtemoc, 06600 Ciudad de México, CDMX

Scammers pretending to be Booking.com, a legitimate online travel booking website.

Their website and email addresses use a similar URL,

Scammers pretend to be a lawfirm as well, JB Wentworth Law Firm. They are hoping their victims will think it is JG Wentowrth, that has had the nationwide commercials for so long.

Boston North End Realtyhttp://www.bostonnorthendrealty.com/
19 Prospect Street Suite #205 Cambridge, MA 02139

This scam was brought to our attention by a previous scam victim. He was contacted out of the blue in regards to his Hacienda Tres Rios and Sunset Club memberships. Both of these clubs/resorts are out of Mexico. The website was registered in February 2020, Because this wasn't his first time dealing with the scammers he was able to call them out on their scam.

While normally the scammers will find a company that has gone out of business and register fraudulent paperwork with the state to renew the business, this scam operation found an active registered corporation that does not have any web presence. We spoke with the owner of the real Boston North End Realty, who confirmed he registered the company in 2018, and has not created the website yet. He owns domains similar to the one the scammers are using, and is currently working on the websites.

The physical address the scammers are using is an empty office space in Cambridge, MA. The real company's registered location is in Boston proper.

The scam website looks legitimate, however none of their listings take you to a webpage about the listing. While they call people with timeshares, nothing on their website mentions anything about timeshares. It specifically lists homes for sale in the Boston area, and the pictures of the homes do not always refer to the actual address.

Broker Global Business ConsultantsJerry Hines

Joan E Flowers
590 MADISON AVE. NEW YORK, NY 10022 Office: (646) 974-8201 | Fax: (646) 693-7305 www.global-businessconsultants.com
Offering to buy Mexican timeshares for over 50K
Bta Property Holdings Inc.David JonesPhone: 702-297-6266 Fax: 702-620-4452 Website: www.betapropertyholdingsinc.com Address: 3800 HOWARD HUGHES PKWY. SUITE 405
Working with Citibanamex
Bull & Bear PropertiesJohn Tovar
Junior broker
Telephone number (872) 254 4823 Ext. 404

Fax number (312) 757 5894
Involved with Golden Midwest Group and Elite Realty New York
Business Brokers International (company), Cimsa Cement and Trade (buyer)Isra Arslan (buyer's representative), Mark S. Caren (CEO), Alena Jeck 1 New York Plaza, #1 Whitehall St 27th-29th Floor,
New York, NY 10004
Ph. 332-206-1322
Fax. 1-585-495-2403
*Mexico* In the fine print of contract is what seller must pay
Business Brokers International Expert PropertyIsra Arslan, Mark CarenPhone: 332-208-0645 Fax: 1-585-495-2403 Email: Contact@businessbrokersint.com Address: 1 New York Plaza whithall St 27 29 floor New York NY 10004Advisors Citibanamax
Cameron Title Company
Joseph Cameron, CEO



1655 McFarland Blvd. N 113
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Ph: (205) 650 8295 Ph: (205) 650 8924
Fax: 920 350 7251
Works in conjunction with 365 Tours
Capital Access Holdings, LLCGregory Perez81 PROSPECT STREET
Claim to be the closing company for Network Real Estate NY.

While there is a real registered company by the name of Capital Access Holdings, LLC, at the address the scammers are using, Capital Access Holdings LLC could not be found on the New York State's Department of Banking Licensed institutions. A search of the national Mortgage Licensing System also yielded no results for a Capital Access Holdings LLC. A call to the realtor who has office space for lease at 81 Prospect Street he is not aware of any company operating out of the space named Capital Access Holdings.

Their website was registered in 2019, by a proxy service used to hide who is really behind the website.

The scammers welcome letter is poorly written and requests the victim open up a bank account with HSBC. A true escrow company does not require anyone else to hold the funds or open a bank account. It is their job to hold the funds in their escrow account.

Their wording in their website is copied verbatim from legitimate escrow companies. Even the quotes from past customers are ripped off from legitimate title, escrow, and bank institutions websites.

Carolina's Choice Title Inc.Scarlett Moore, Justin KnappPhone: 980-500-0398 Fax: 980-220-4840 Email: escrow@carolinasctinc.com Website: www.carolinasctinc.com Address: 229 E. Kingston Ave., Charlotte, NC 28203Used Citibanamex form
Chateau Escrow LLCDavid Alexander Rossi, Michael J. JonesPhone: 917-732-2798 Website: chateauescrowllc.comWorking with Citibanamex
Compass Financial InternationalJoanne M Williams (Scammers pretending to be this person)

Karn Daly (Scammers pretending to be this person)
TELEPHONE: (312) 248 7731
TOLL FREE: 1 (866) 421 2571
FAX: (312) 279 3788

Scammers pretending to be a legitimate organization out of Chicago. Using the names of legitimate brokers, attorneys and bankers.

Pretending to work with Santander bank, but using fake emails and documents.

Red flags from timeshare owner who notified us of this scam:
- Broker company only has ONE email address for the whole company
- Broker company only has ONE phone number for everyone. They would
not give individual ext numbers
- Mexico Banker was the Director of the Bank personally seeing this
transaction through. His email address came from @santander.mx, which
website does not exist. Stantander Mexico REAL website is
- Broker would not leave VM's
- Supposed 'Buyer' name is German Larrea Mota Velasco. The name is a
real person, and is the 2nd richest person in Mex. He signed my
supposed contract personally (which I do not belive)
- Broker license on website is fake. Karen Daly broker license does
not exist in IL (where the company is located)
- Address of 'Compass Financial International' is located at real
company called "Compass", but they said they do not have an
'International Financial' branch in the company.
Condie Wayne EscrowDenise Hall Executive Assistant
d.hall@condiewayne.com 1-800-798-8312 ext 22
Condie Wayne Call - Head Escrow Officer

3 4 1 E . T h o m a s R d . , P h o e n i x , A Z
8 5 0 1 8
P h o n e 1-8 0 0-7 9 8-8 3 1 2
F a x + 1 ( 6 0 2 ) 536-6 7 0 0
w w w . c o n d i e w a y n e . c o m
Fraudulent escrow agency working with various fraudulent "corporate" timeshare buyers
Connor & Connor Law FirmPhone: 203-693-8160 Email: info@lawfirmconnor.com Website: lawfirmconnor.com Address: 55 Church Street New Haven, CT 06510Juris Number: 426756
Consultant Firm InternationalPending further details...call us with questions about this listing.
Demand and Escrow LLCGeorge Bailey: Escrow Officer

Edward Velez: Head Escrow Officer

Chen Zhang Li: Buyer's Representative

Elizabeth Dominguez Tirado: Attorney
800-959-3795 | Fax: 213-417-4917


Working in conjunction with Empire City Brokerage. Seeking to conduct wire fraud to Mexico for "sales fees & taxes"
der.com / Lawfirm of Daniel CaggianoTheodore Wilkerson (der.com) / Brandon and Daniel (lawfirm) / Cristina Montes AvilaCristina: 888-207-7810
DetectaJosephina Duarte

Sales Assistant: Rosie Sanders
Agent: Alex Jones Ext:8846
Sales Assistant: Angie Valdez

Sales Assistant: Angie Valdez
Agent: Jhonni L
Address: World Plaza, Av. Sta. Fe 481. Lomas de Santa Fe Contadero, 01219 Ciudad De Mexico,

Fax # (888)338-4759 , Phone # (888)588 7154 Ext:8846

Email: marketing3@detectahoteltravels.com

Detecta Hotels is a legitimate company but scammers are claiming to be agents with Detecta. The following are not representatives of Detecta Hotels!). We see several Detecta scams every month. They offer 20K plus for Mexican timeshares. They will usually pull your information from a listing site.
Diversified HoldingsAngela Baker

102 S. Tejon St. Suite 1100, Colorado Springs, CO, 80903 Direct Line: (719) 355-7817 Toll Free: (866) 978-5961 Fax: (719) 960-2785 www.diversifiedholdingsinc.com contact@diversifiedholdingsinc.com Claiming to be an investment holding firm. They contact the seller and make arrangements to accept and disperse funds for the timeshare "sale". Essentially acting and fake escrow company.
Diversified Investment HoldingsAngela Baker

102 S. Tejon St. Suite 1100, Colorado Springs, CO, 80903 Direct Line: (719) 355-7817 Toll Free: (866) 978-5961 Fax: (719) 960-2785 www.diversifiedholdingsinc.com contact@diversifiedholdingsinc.com Claiming to be an investment holding firm. They contact the seller and make arrangements to accept and disperse funds for the timeshare "sale". Essentially acting and fake escrow company.
E Timeshare Closing

Franklin Sierra
Gary Martinez
15521 West Gateway
Beaverton, OR,
Emerald Properties Group and International Sales Group New YorkNicholas Foster
Lisa Haber
600 Lexington Ave, 32nd Floor, NY
Empire City Brokerage LLCJeffrey Woods646-291-8982
646-844-7379 (FAX)

255 Cabrini Blvd., New York, NY 10040, USA

Working in conjunction with Demand and Escrow LLC.
Empire Realty Services LLCCameron FisherPhone: 917-732-2276 Fax: 917-997-9553 Email: contact@empirersllc.comCitibanamex
Escape TravelMatthew Daly, David Lopez, Alan de JesusPhone: 888-203-5337 / 917-764-5710 / 888-520-4125 / 619-864-7680 Emails: matt@officesofmatthewdaly.com / paralegals@officesofmatthewdaly.com / envios@courierexpress.mx / alan@abogadoavendanocruz.com.mx
Escrow Funding LLCBrandon Cortez

Head Escrow Officer

150 Grand St. White Plains, N.Y. 10601

914-339-0465 | bcortez@escrowfundingllc.com

Claimed to place over 100K in an escrow count to purchase timeshare . Working in conjunction with
Universal Real Estate Brokerage
Escrow Holding ManagementNeil Thompson CEO, Richard Harris, Joey Pennington, Henry Lancaster CFOhttp://www.escrowholdingmgmt.com/

Phone: +1 (862) 307 8856
Fax: +1 (732) 391 6698
Worked with Going Places Travel
Escrow OneDavid Alderman(206) 388-4847
Phony escrow company often used by Bayview Property Mgmt and Oakwood Property Mgmt. May also go by the name of Is David Manor or David Forester.
Escrow Recovery Services Limited Liability CompanyJames C. Nichols646-741-9104

227 West 17th Street, Manhattan NY 10011
Scam escrow company use in conjunction with Realty Consultants Inc scam operation.

Claim to be the escrow company holding the funds and completing the transfer.

Claim that fees required for things such as Tax Identification Number Application, Certificate of Naturalization, Certificate of Assumption, International Capital Gains, etc. are required and must be paid by the seller.

Claim to be located in NYC but no business is located at their address.
Escrow TechJonathan Duran

Head Escrow Officer

445 Lafayette St, Suite 205

New York, N.Y. 10003

917-444-5854 • Fax: 917-768-4148


www.escrowtechincorporated.comWorking with King Davidson LLC
EscrowNow LLCDaniel Smith
Contact Number- 1(415) 223- 0928
1(760) 304- 0671
Fax Number- 1(415)273- 0084
Toll Free Number- 1-(866) 283- 3254
Address- 100 Pine Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
Website- escrownowllc.com
Email- infoAescrownowllc.com
Affiliate scam of Franklin Property Partners. Claim to be located in San Francisco.

They provide the wiring information to the scam victim, claiming that the funds need to be sent to Mexico because the property is in Mexico. This is not necessary and all part of the scam.
Esky Corp (Pretending to be the Mexican Branch of AirGorilla)Robert Deville
Emmanuel Gomez
Julie Martinez
Av. Insurgentes Sur 1271, Extremadura Insurgentes Benito Juárez, 03740
Piso 8 Ciudad de México, México. Teléfono:
E-mail: marketing2@eskycorp.com
Fax: 888-384-2203
Scammers are posing as Eksy.com, a real legitimate online travel site.

The scammers have purchase the website eskycorp.com , which autoredirects to the legit site esky.com.

The scammers claim to be purchasing timeshare ownerships in the US and Mexico to rent out on their platform. The real Esky.COm is not in the market of buying inventory to rent on their website.

Scammers claim to take a 5% commission when the funds are deposited into the sellers bank account. However, the scammers require fees be wired to a bank in Mexico to cover non existant fees such as International Capital Gains Taxes, International Notary fees, Membership Reports, etc.

The scammers also pretend to be an attorney in California named Timohty Dennis Hance Law Firm. They claim the law firm is holding the money and in charge of closing. In all reality the scammers are both posing as Air Gorill and Timothy Hance Law Firm.
Franklin Federal Title and AbstractChristopher P. Evans
Jeffrey Matthews
Mexican Timeshare Scam
Franklin PropertyPhillip Gill617-415-4163This entity is calling timeshare owners out of the blue and claiming to have a buyer for timeshares. The person had never listed their timeshare for sale, so these are clearly cold calls to owner lists.
Franklin Property PartnersLeslie Johnson - Executive Coordinator
Terry Hopkins - Representative
Madison Moore- Representative
John Martin- Senior Broker
Matthew Kelly- President
Toll Free: 844-804-3060
(617) 415-4768
(617) 415- 4804
Fax: 617-398-4359

Email: contact@franklinproppartners.com

Site: franklinproppartners.com

Address: 410 Stuart St. Boston, MA 02116

Another scam operation pretending to be a registered company with the state.

Victims report receiving unsolicited calls from Franklin Property Partners claiming to have a buyer for their timeshare in Mexico.

Scam Website was registered in Mexico in July.

Physical address has no tenant by the name of Franklin Property Partners.

Working in coordination with EscrowNow LLC.
Franklin Property
Escrow Now, LLC
Phillip Gill
David Keefe
Leslie Johnson
Josh Martin
Eric Pierce
This entity is calling timeshare owners out of the blue and claiming to have a buyer for timeshares. The person had never listed their timeshare for sale, so these are clearly cold calls to owner lists.
Garland Title and Escrow, LLCRyan O'Neill, Francisco Villacorte Montes, James SolivanPhone: 320-315-4113 Fax: 320-235-2880 Email: contact@garlandtitleandescrowllc.com Website: www.garlandtitleandescrowllc.com Address: 7800 Metro Parkway, Bloomington, MN 55425
Global & Asociados S.A. DE CVRamona Estrada Torres
Going Places Travel Inc.
Also affiliated with Getaway Travelers Inc.
Ron Fuentes, Jacob Diaz, Robert Kistner ,David Marple (CEO)2180 Satellite Blvd #400 Duluth Georgia 30097

Getaway Travelers Inc.(400 Galleria Pkwy SE STE 1500 Atlanta, GA 30339-5953)
They used fake notary public stamps and false guarantees, they promised no money up front but that soon ends with requests for funds transfers. Work in conjunction with Escrow Holding Management (see below).
Golden Midwest Group Brokers LLCRuben Martinez
Real Estate Broker
(312) 248-7553

Toll Free: 1888-296-4671

Fax:1 (312) 264-0676
311 S Wacker
Drive, Chicago IL 60606.
Offering large sums of money for Mayan and other Mexican timeshares
Grand View Properties LLCSamuel Alexander Bishop-License No. S67387000.

Grand View Properties LLC.

License No.: 528088

Direct Line: 515-348-4567

Monday-Friday 10:00 AM-6:00 PM CST

Grand View Properties LLC
1704 State St
Cedar Falls, IA



This scam company filed fraudulent paperwork with the state of Iowa to re-register a real company that had previously gone out of business. They are using an address of a real local property management company.

They claim to have a buyer, and eventually request the seller wire money to Mexico to cover non existent fees such as "Title Insurance" (Mexican Timeshares are non deeded properties), "Temporary Naturalization Certificate to open bank account", "International Capital Gains Taxes", "International Notary Fees", etc.

This is a fraudulent scam.
Grupo Financiero BBVA MexicoAddress: AV. PASEO DE LA REFORMA 510, COLONIA JUÁREZ
Postal Code: 06600
Country: MEXICO / Phone: (52)- 55-4124-7212
Hallmark Realty, Daiwa House IndustryEdward Alexander, Linda Hoffman
Holding & Management US (H&M)Richard H. Turner, Joseph Richardson, Franklin Renneisen Jr. Morrison, Marie MorrisonPhone: 646-632-9896 / 646-585-7943 Email: contact@holdingmanagement.com Address: 215 West 39th St #916
New York, NY 10018
HP & West CPAs.peters@hpwestcpa.com
Scammers working with scammers at Val Capital Advisors. Claim to be the broker/escrow agent.
HP & West CPAs.peters@hpwestcpa.com
Scammers working with scammers at Val Capital Advisors. Claim to be the broker/escrow agent.
http://firstpropertiesofnewyork.com/James Buchanan 1 866-898-0995


155 West 19th street, New York , NY, 10011
Offering upwards of 50K for Mexican timeshare properties.
https://www.liligo.com/Agent: Jordan Thomas

Secretary: Spencer Reed

Phone: 1 (888) 648-9248
Fax: 1 (888) 616-2319
Mexican timeshare scam impersonating the legitimate travel website, https://www.liligo.com/
Ryan Sanders JD

Siera Martinez

865 S. Figueroa St. #1800, TCW Tower,
Los Angeles, CA, 90015.
Phone: (213) 486 3550
This is an elaborate impersonation of a legitimate, practicing attorney. They have acquired website and email bearing his name.
Intercontinental RealtyGerman Larrea Mota-Velasco (buyer), Michael Taylor (corporate representitive)7 WEST MADISON ST. 12th FLOOR
Seller pays for fiscal registration through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 48 hours after signing contract
Intercontinental RealtyWayne Michael Rose7 West Madison St, 12th Floor Chicago, IL 60602, Phone: 773-231-5083, Fax: 312-883-1320, Website: www.intercontinentalrealty.net Vacation Club Appraisal
Intercontinental RealtyDennis Acott7 West Madison St. 12th floor, Chicago, IL 60602 Tel. 773-373-0107 Fax: 312-883-1320
International Advisors, LLCDaniel RobbinsP 646-693-0314
F 646-924-3918
Claimed to sell timeshares to Expedia and they were willing to buy the timeshare for over $30,000.
International Properties ULTD.Barbara Jackson3200 Windy Hill Road Suite 800W, SE Atlanta, GA 30339
678-279-5732 Fax- 470-745-3787
Offers fraudulent resale representation of fractional ownerships.
JB Wentowrth Law Firm

Jeffrey Baker Wentworth

Travel Link
Jeffrey Baker Wentworth

Daniel Stevens

Kathy Rodriquez
101 6th Ave New York, NY 10013
1 917 963 8033



Another scam partner with BookingCorp.com.mx and the scammers claiming to be Air Gorilla.

Pretending to be a legitimate lawfirm, with a name to sound like JG Wentworth.

Their address is a high rise in New York City, which has no record of them.

There is no Jeffrey Baker Wentworth who has passed the bar in New York or New Jersey

The scammers also have created fraudulent paperwork from the taxing authority in Mexico claiming that capital gains taxes need to be paid or a warrant for arrest will be issued in Mexico and the US.

Joseph ManningOperates independently but pretends to use First American Title, a legitimate escrow agency, to appear authentic.wtmanniing44@gmail.com
Poses as hearing impaired as part of his ploy to avoid phone communication and create sense of urgency when he goes in for emergency hearing surgery.
Just Fly CorpDaniel GallegosPhone: 1 (877) 676 4870

Fax: 1 (877) 325 2164

Email: marketing3@justflycorp.com.mx
Address: Av. Ejército Nacional 425, Piso 4 Chapultepec Morales Granada, Miguel Hidalgo 11520, Cuidad de México

Schedule: Mon-Fri 10:00 to 18:00 hrs.

Claiming to be part of the legitimate company/website JustFly.com

Scammers claim to be purchasing timeshares to rent out on their website.

Their URL of Justlycorp.com.mx is not connected to the legitimate company.

Scammers give their victims a number to call someone at the resort to confirm the legitimacy. The number actually just goes to another scammer.

Victims also said that the Numbers they are given for the Santander Bank, Mexican Customs, and Tesoreria de la Fedaracion are all parts of the scam as well.
Just Fly CorpDaniel GallegosPhone: 1 (877) 676 4870

Fax: 1 (877) 325 2164

Email: marketing3@justflycorp.com.mx
Address: Av. Ejército Nacional 425, Piso 4 Chapultepec Morales Granada, Miguel Hidalgo 11520, Cuidad de México

Schedule: Mon-Fri 10:00 to 18:00 hrs.

Claiming to be part of the legitimate company/website JustFly.com

Scammers claim to be purchasing timeshares to rent out on their website.

Their URL of Justlycorp.com.mx is not connected to the legitimate company.

Scammers give their victims a number to call someone at the resort to confirm the legitimacy. The number actually just goes to another scammer.

Victims also said that the Numbers they are given for the Santander Bank, Mexican Customs, and Tesoreria de la Fedaracion are all parts of the scam as well.
Kate Elizabeth Bacon Law Firm - Scammers using legitimate attorney's name1301 Fanning St, Houston TX 77002kateslegalservices.com, kateelizabethbaconlawfirm.com, kateelizabethbaconlaw.com and kateelizabethbaconatlaw.com



Campos Eliseos, 320.
Polanco IV. 11550
Ciudad de Mexico, CDMX

Scammers claiming to be working for Skiplagged.com, a legitimate online travel site. Claiming to have buyers for timeshares in Mexico and using an attorney named Kate Elizabeth Bacon to process the transfer and escrow services. Kate Elizabeth Bacon is a licensed attorney and the scammers are fraudulently claiming to be her and her employees.
Kenneth Jaffe Law Firm (New York State)Claire Hall
Kenneth Jaffe
Sophia Ortega
Henry Moore
David Owen
5 Bryant Park, New York, NY, 10018, ID: 2305134, 917-475-0896
Paralegal: Claire Hall legalteam@jaffelaw-firm.com




Scammers claiming to be working with Air Gorilla MX.

Scammers are pretending to be Kenneth Jaffe. There is a real Kenneth Jaffe in New York City who practices law. These scammers are not affiliated whatsoever.

The scam is similar to the rest of the scams victimizing timeshare owners who own a timeshare in Mexico. They will claim that some sort of fees will need to be wired to Mexico by the victim in order to continue on with the sale.

King Davidson LLC.Isabella James, Executive Coordinator |

Address: 100 6th Avenue Suite A, New York, NY 10013
Phone Number: 1-800-792-5939
Fax: 917-473-2495
Email: contact@kingdavidsonllc.com

100 6th Ave. Suite A, New York, NY 10013

Phone: 1-(800)-792-5939 Ext. 471 Fax: (917)-473-2495

Contact owners claiming their contract has been selected as a part of of a mass acquisition of said resorts properties.

Working with Escrow Tech, a fake closing company.
L & Accosiates RealtyGary Hunt & Hana Mia DatePhone: 917-819-0745 / Fax: 332-241-8692 / email: contact@landassociatesrealty.com / Address: 14 Broadway New York, NY 10005, USAuses citibanamex
Late Rooms
Kenneth Jaffe Law Firm
Vanessa Diaz
Melissa Steele
Jessica Hall
Claire Hall
Sergio Camacho
Anita Romero
Erick Hernandez
Another scam involving the Jaffe Law Firm, supposedly out of New York. Scammers call out of the blue claiming to have a buyer and the timeshare owner just has to send a tax payment or transfer fee to complete the transaction. This is an elaborate scam involving many legitimate looking sites which even references the tax authority in Mexico. All of it is false and should be avoided at all costs.
Laterooms.com (Lateroomscorp.com)Derek Reyes
Melissa Steele
Sophia Ortega
David Owen
Henry Moore
Joshua Mendoza, Marketing Executive
Eliza Flowers, Secretary


Av. Paseo del la Reforma 15 Cuautemoc, 06000 Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico

David Owen 877-681-7261

Scammers pretending to be laterooms.com

LateRooms.com is a legitimate online booking platform. The scammers are using the domain www.lateroomscorp.com to fool unsuspecting victims.

They claim to have a buyer for an inflated amount and request money be wired to non existent fees.

Scammers are targeting Pueblo Bonito members.

Scammers are also using Kenneth Jaffe (Jafe) Law Firm scam operation in New York.

They are also pretending to be employees of Pueblo Bonito.

Liberty Global One, LLClibertyglobalonellc.com

Scammer claiming to have a corporate buyer offering a price higher than the original purchase price.
Luxury CondosJesse Diaz - Luxury Condos -
Ginger Young - -Claiming to work for Resort Closings out of Bozeman, MT.
Jesse Diaz contacted a timeshare owner, claiming her info was found on Florida Dept. of Agriculture website. He presented her with offer to buy her timeshare and said his associate Ginger Young would contact her to begin the closing - claiming Young worked for legitimate escrow company Resort Closings Inc.
Mark DiazUses website decolarmx.com (Decolar.com is a legitimate website)1-80-728-1292
Fax: 1-800-985-4354
Mark Diaz uses the name of a real company, Decolar to hide behind.
Masters Realty ServicesScammer claimed that the timeshare was going to be purchased by a real estate investment group for a tax break. The victim was asked to wire money to banks in Mexico for various taxes and commissions. They threatened legal consequences if the instructions weren't followed.
MB Realities

(Multinational Brokers)
James Monteleon600 THIRD AVE, 2ND FLOOR NY, NY 10016

(917) 970-0739
(646) 568-5356


Mexican timeshare scammers
McKenzie and AssociatesDavid Gerard Fontana
License No. 1999098185
707 N 2nd St. Suite 1501-4,
St. Louis, MO 63102


Offering to buy Mexican timeshares for over 100K. Typical, generic, scam-brokerage website.

Mexico Global Alliance (MXGA)Reynaldo ReyesAddress: Montecito 38, Nápoles,
Benito Juárez, C.P. 03810,
Ciudad de México, México Email: Fiscalias@sat-gobmex.com
Midwest Investment Holdings Inc.Fernando Kuri Chapur, Bertrand Olton, Keith Kooy, Elizabeth MartinezPhone: 719-428-3084 Toll Free: 855-325-7358 Fax: 719-428-2361 Email: moreinfo@midwestinvestmentholdings.com Website: www.midwestinvestmentholdings.com Address: 1745 Shea Center Drive, Highland Ranch, Co.
Millennia Property Management
Gary Friedman
Program Director
290 SW 6th Ave, Suite 520
Portland, OR. 97204
Office (503) 928-7372
Fax (503) 662-8604
Offering to buy Mexican timeshare properties.
Murillo Defensa LegalMarina Vazquez MartinezPhone: +52-55-4169-7089 / Fax: +52-55-4161-4904 / email: info@murillodl.com / website: www.murdillodl.com / address: Av. Paseo de la Reforma 296, Jurez Cuauhtemoc, 06600 Ciudad de Mexico, CDMX, MexicoRequests 6% paid upfront. District Clerk Official Jenny Gonzalez Arcos
Network Real EstateDavid Rodriguez, Commercial Brokerwww.networkrealestateny.com
560 Lexington Ave, Midtown E. NY 10022
Phone: 1-866-897-9812
Claims to be representing the Safran-Group in the purchase of Mexican Timeshare Units.

Also uses "Capital Access Holdings" as fake escrow company.
Network Real Estate , New York
Capitol Access Holding LLC, Brooklyn, New York
Two ficitious companies involved in timeshare fraud. More info coming...
Oakwood Property ManagementRobert Botelo - Managing Director
Brian Whitlock - Co-Managing Director
Amy Read
(206) 607-9701 and (206) 535-1309Involved with Mexican timeshare scams and phony escrow company, Escrow One
Olympia Realty in Chicago ILHarry Shelby, Jim Clark, Luke Kelley, Monica TorresLuke # 773-800-7241 ext 3108 Fax: 312-583-7332 Website: www.olympiarealtyllc.net Address: 140 S Wells St, Chicago Il 60606Sales process would require an escrow acount to be set up in a Mexico bank by a Mexican law firm to establish non-citizen tad I.D.
Preferred VacationPhone: 720-812-5020 Email: contact@preferredvacationint.com Website: www.preferredvacationint.com Address: 14707 E 2nd Ave. Aurora Co, 80011
Premier Property Investemen & Management (since 2006)Francisco Zambrano Rodríguez, Denise SmithPhone: 513-373-4922 Email: contact@premierpropertyim.com Address: 50 E. HOLLISTER ST, CINCINNATI, OHIO 45219
Premier Vacation Resales & Title Closing CompanyMs. Lynne M. Evans
Mr. David Rodriguez
John W. Patel
Jean Tejada
John Miller - Legal Department
Chris Hernandez
Joe Harris
222 S. Harbor Blvd Anaheim, CA 92805
Toll Free (866)-790-5260




26 Park St.
Montclair, NJ 07042 (Virtual Office)

Scammers contacted the Victim about her Wyndham ownership claiming they have access to the database of all timeshare owners and connect them with potential buyers.

No such database exists. The scammers bought a list of timeshare owners and robocall until they get their next victim on the line.

Claimed to have a buyer for $71,000 for 700,000 Wyndham points.

Required a closing fee of $2,200 be wired. Fee is for "Legal Documentation and Title Transfer". Bogus fee. Wyndham only requires a $299 transfer fee and the closing company shouldn't charge more than $600 total for the closing. Both of these fees should be paid out of the funds held in escrow that have been deposited by a buyer.

The wiring information was for Santander Bank, which is routed domestically but the actual end account is overseas.

Claim to have an individual buyer in Canada who is purchasing

Scammers claim to be located in the same building in California as the BBB and the Orange County Recorders office.

No one by their name is located in this building.

private buyerSamuel Lechter
Kelly Ivan
k.ivan55@outlook.comThis looks like a classic Joseph Manning timeshare scam. Click here for more details
PurchaseMyTimeshare.comPhone: 1 888 291 6594
Website: www.purchasemytimeshare.com
Email: reservations@purchasemytimeshare.com

1 888 290 0964
1 877 598 9756
Paseo de la Reforma No. 295
Piso 12 Col. Cuauhtémoc
06500 Cd. Mexico, Mexico.
1 888 437 9633
1 888 838 1853
Av Pablo Neruda 2828
Providencia 4a. Secc 44639
local 12 Guadalajara, Jal. México.
1 888 291 6594
1 877 548 3049
Blvd. Antonio L. Rodríguez 3056
Cumbres del Valle Monterrey
N.L. México.
1 888 227 9586
1 877 860 6128
Av. Paseo del Prado # 102, Int.
710, Col. del Prado, CP 76039
Queretaro, Qro. Mexico.
1 888 396 0502
1 877 686 7312
Av. de los Industriales 209
Industrial Julian de Obregon
37290 León, Gto. México.
San Luis Potosi
1 888 417 4719
1 877 713 5634
Prol. Av. Nereo Rodríguez Barragán
1205 Barrio de Santiago, San Luis,

Scam operation working in connection with The International Group, most likely the same individuals just pretending to be different people.

Claim to have a corporate buyer for Mexican Timeshares.

While their website does look someone more legitimate compared to the other scam operations we uncover, it is just another scam operation.

Their website claims to have received more than $2.8 Billion in purchase and rental offers. A truly remarkable number, unfortunately it is not true.

The URL PurchaseMyTimeshare.com was registered in 2007 and then updated in the last few months. It appears as though a URL reseller purchased in 2007 and then sold it to the scammers recently. The website was updated on 7/15/2020. For a company that claims to be in business since 2003, I wonder how they were just able to purchase the domain name in 2019. According to this website the domain "purchasemytimeshare.com" was on a domain auction site listed for $1,200 - Domain Auction Page for August 2019

Their logo looks just like Fidelity National Timeshare's logo. Fidelity National Timeshare is a legitimate business, and purchasemytimeshare.com is piggy backing off their legitimacy to make themselves look like they are legitimate.

They also claim to have 6 different addresses in Mexico. However all of them seem to be in high rise buildings or virtual office locations. One of them is a residential building.

The best part about their website is they have a tagline of "Do you have any questions, doubts or inquiry?" Brilliant!

PurchaseMyTimeshare.com also shows up on ScamGuard.com - Purchasemytimeshare.com and The International Group Scam

Real Estate Concepts LLC
Ariana Lee

Jeffrey Jamison
Phone: (646) 995-5187

www.realestateconceptsllc.com | Contact@realestateconceptsllc.com

80 W 55th St New York NY 10019 (646) 995-5187
Involved with offering to buy Mexican Timeshares.
Real Estate Information Services, IncChristian Moore, David L. Lewis, and Brenda ValarezoPhone: 888-203-4117 Address: 850 3rd Avenue, Suite 510, New York, NY 10002 Website: www.realestateinformationservicesinc.com
Real estate Powerhouse LLCMarc LenesNew York: 917-795-4216 Marc Phone: 917-795-8190Working with Citibanamex
Real Estate Properties ManagmentMr. Richard D. HudsonChicago, IL
Realtors LLCDanny Robbins, Jonathan Moss, Dana Lynchfinancial@realtorsllc.com, 917-905-8751 ext 2312 for JonathanClient had meeting with bank while scam proceeded
Realty & Estates LLCBenjamin SorranoPhone: 917-397-3298 Fax: 917-970-1510 Email: contact@realtyestatesllc.com Website: https://realtyestatesllc.com/ Address: 450 Fashion Ave New York, NY 10123
Realty and Estates, LLChttps://realtyestatesllc.com/
(917) 397-3298 ext. 2956
(917) 970-1510 fax
Scammer claiming to have a corporate buyer offering a price higher than the original purchase price.
Realty Consultants Inc

Daiwa House Industry
Joseph Summerville
Michael Shapiro
Linda Hoffman
Miguel Faura

Ashley West - Executive Assistant

Marilyn Labate -Broker

James C Nichols.

Susan Brown

10 West 20th Street
New York City, NY 10011






View one victims write up about this scam here - https://realtyconsultantsinc.info/

Another scam operation, just like the majority of the scams targeting timeshare owners with Mexican timeshares.

The legitimate Realty Consultants is located in Rochester.

The scammers are masquerading as licensed real estate agents. The agents listed are real people, however the scammers are just pretending to be them.

Like 99% of these scams the victims receive a call out of the blue asking if they want to sell their timeshare for more than they paid for it.

Getting a call out of the blue is the biggest warning sign for a scam. No one knows you own a timeshare if you don't have it listed. These scammers have stolen a list of owners from the resorts or more likely the scammers are still in someway employed by the resort.

This scam involves claiming to have a Japanese corporate buyer by the name of Daiwa Housing Industry. While Daiwa Housing Industry is a legitimate company, they are not in the business of purchasing timeshares at Mayan Resort, Grand Mayan, or Vidanta. The scammers claim that the buyer's money is in escrow in Mexico. Once the timeshare owner signs the letter of intent or sales agreement the scam begins. The fake broker at Realty Consultants, Inc. claim that due to Mexican Law there is a fee required that must be paid by the timeshare owner. The scammer explains that the buyer is willing to reimburse the timeshare owner for the fee, but it must be paid by the owner. The fee ranges from $4,000 - $8,000. The terms the scammers use range from "Title Insurance Fee, International Capital Gains Taxes, Temporary Naturalization certificate, International Resort Transfer fee, etc. There are no fees required to transfer a timeshare in Mexico, other than the resort transfer fee that is paid via credit card or certified check. This scam is most likely perpetrated by one of the other scammers that have been outlined in our database.

Realty Consultants, Inc

Escrow Recovery Services, LLC

Daiwa House
Marilyn Labate
Linda Hoffman
James C Nichols
Realty Consultants, Inc
10 W 20th St
New York, NY 10011

Escrow Recovery Services
227 W 17th St
New York, NY 10011
This is another variation on the cold call scam. These people will call offering more than you paid for your timeshare from a "corporate buyer". Once they convince you it's real they will ask for a fee that can't be paid out of escrow. Once the money is wired you'll never get it back.
Realty Consultants, Inc

Escrow Recovery Services, LLC

Daiwa House
Marilyn Labate
Linda Hoffman
James C Nichols
Realty Consultants, Inc
10 W 20th St
New York, NY 10011

Escrow Recovery Services
227 W 17th St
New York, NY 10011
This is another variation on the cold call scam. These people will call offering more than you paid for your timeshare from a "corporate buyer". Once they convince you it's real they will ask for a fee that can't be paid out of escrow. Once the money is wired you'll never get it back.
Realty Partners ChicagoDave Rodriguez
Michael Gibbs
Mark Sullivan
Contact: 773-922-0399

Email: info@realtypartnerschicago.com


25 West Monroe St. Chicago, Illinois 60603

Scammers calling Vidanta timeshare owners claiming to have a buyer.

The address listed for Realty Partners Chicago is not a real address in Chicago.

There are two legitimate business registered in Illinois by the name of "Realty Partners, Inc." and "Realty Partners, LLC". Neither of these companies are located in Chicago. Realty Partners, Inc. was registered in 1962 and Realty Partners LLC in 2000. The scammer's website claim they were formed in 2005.

The scam website copies some of their text verbatim from other legitimate websites. The scammers

The scam website has a meet our team page, which has pictures of the supposed team. Doing a reverse image search on google we have found the scammers have just used stock head-shots that can easily be found online.

The scammers website was registered on August 1st, 2020. For a company that has been around since 2005, why would their website only be registered in 2020?

Resort ConsultantsCathy229-515-8584
Cold calling owners and claiming that resorts are exercising special assessments, and they need to pay for their timeshare cancelation services.
Ridgeland PropertiesLarry RobbinsPhone: 877-284-2163 ext 204 Phone: 917-724-2870 Fax: 929-367-3291 Email: lrobbins@ridgelandproperties.com Website: www.ridgelandproperties.com Address: 4 Metro Tech Center, Brooklyn, NY, 11201
Robert Harold Smith Law FirmPH#1-917-963-8335 (Brandon Carbajal, Steven White, Michael Rosenburg,
Robert Harold Smith Law Firm.

1 Chase Manhattan Plaza

New York, NY, 10005.

ID: 1001809

(917) 963 8335


Scammers working in connection with the Just Fly Corp scam.

Scammers using a real attorney's name. Claiming to be in a high rise in New York City.
Robert Harold Smith Law FirmPH#1-917-963-8335 (Brandon Carbajal, Steven White, Michael Rosenburg,
Robert Harold Smith Law Firm.
1 Chase Manhattan Plaza
New York, NY, 10005.
ID: 1001809

(917) 963 8335


Scammers working in connection with the Just Fly Corp scam.

Scammers using a real attorney's name. Claiming to be in a high rise in New York City.
Rodolfo Villanueva Robles and Lorena Garcia de Villanueva, Mexican Citizens and Residents
Rodolfo Villanueva Robles and Lorena Garcia de Villanueva, Mexican Citizens and Residents
Working with Wilcox Escrow LLc, The Travel Store, Inc., (see previous entries)
Ryan Sanders Law Group865 S. Figueroa St. #1800, TCW Tower, Los Angeles, CA, 90015.
Bar Number: 279661
(213) 486 3550
Mexican timeshare scammers impersonating U.S based attorney.
Safeway Investors, Inc.Robert HarrisPhone: 312-741-3393 ext 1113 Fax: 630-381-0008 Email: robert.h@safewayinvestors.com Website: www.safewayinvestors.com Address: 112 NORTH LASALLE STREET, 22ND FLOOR. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 60602
Sage Ventures LLCJames Clark, Geoffrey KerthAddress: 178 West Lake St. Chicago IL, 60601 / Phone : 312-690-9857Called/emailed client randomly
Satellite Office of Resort Closings, Inc.Brooke Nichols

License # TP 2338
8545 Commodity Circle
Orlando, FL 32819
Claims to work for satellite office of Resort Closings Inc. Resort Closings Inc is a legitimate escrow company in Bozeman, MT, owned by the same partners that own Timeshare Specialists and who manage the Timeshare Scam Database.
Scammer using "Detecta Hotel Travel" (not detectahotel.com) using the legit company as his front. Rex Tobis888-627-4284
Scotia InternationalScotiabank I Dirección de Aclaraciones
Av. Félix Cuevas 126 Col. Del Valle
C.P. 03100 Benito Juárez. México, D. F
Tel. Internacional: 1-877-856-5224
Erika Carmona Ramos
| Ejecutivo | Oficina de Presidente
Mexican timeshare scam pretending to work with U.S based attorneys (ex. Ryan Sanders, listed above)
Secretaria De Hacienda Y Credito Publico (SHCP) / Comision Nacional Bancaria Y De Valores (CNBV - National Banking and Securities Commission)José Ramón Canales Márquez (vice president of spervision of groups and financial intermediaries)CNBV: Hidalgo 77, col. Guerrero, c.p. 06300, Ciudad de Mexico
Servicio de Administracion Tributaria (SAT)Horacio Duarte Olivares
Administración General de Aduanas (AGA)
SAT: Hidalgo 77, col. Guerrero, c.p. 06300, Ciudad de Mexico / CALLE DURANGO, NO. 249, ROME NORTH, CUAUHTÉMOC, CITY
Sheila Kolbe, Esq.
Victim of identity theft!
Sophia Sotomayor (alleges she is from Sheila Kolbe Law Office) Mark Lopez with Key to Vacationhttp://keytovacation.com/index.php/welcome/contactAn individual is posing as Sheila Kolbe, a lawyer in Wisconsin, but is using fake address and contact information. The real Sheila Kolbe does not handle any real estate law or transactions.
Silver City PropertiesRichard Davis
Ben Carmona
Peter Lane
Jean Barber
Jesse Conde
347 E. Main St. Suite 301. Rochester, NY 14604
This is a recent scam, with reports beginning in early 2018. They are offering making purchase offers, unsolicited, via phone for Mexican properties. Of course you must wire money for fees, (between 3-7K) and here is where the scam starts. Using multiple alias. None of the names shown have profiles on the website and no professional profiles of these individuals can be found anywhere on the web. One reports claims they want to use "American Finance" for escrow, but there is no record of this company online. More information here: https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/blog/2014/05/be-lookout-timeshare-resale-phonies?page=53
Simply Real Estate - New York City
Arbelos Insurance, Inc.
Richard C. Clyne
Jon Adams
Michael Bayley
Simply Real Estate
480 Lexington Ave, New York, NY


(646) 979-9759)


Arbelos Insurance Inc.

111 Wall Street, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10005

Phone #: (646) 809-9780

Fax #: (646) 751-8156
Another Scam operation contacting Vidanta timeshare owners claiming to have a buyer for over $80,000.

Scammers requested victim wire money to Mexico to pay for non existent fees.

Victim was contacted out of the blue.

Scam operations website was registered and created on July of 2020. Claim to be located in New York City.

A legitimate business named "Simply Real Estate, LLC" is in business in Slate Hill New York. Scammers are pretending to be this company.

Skyza International and FFC ClosingJanet Brooks, Robert Benson, Megan WilliamsPhone: Megan 332-456-0695 / Janet 872-529-3590 Email: robert.benson@ffgclosing.com
Smart Advantage GroupRaymond MooreSmart Advantage Group LLC.

1627 Main Street. Kansas City, Mo 64108

Phone number: (816) 301-5712 Ext:6015

Agent: Raymond Moore

Website: www.smartadvantagegrp.com

Email: info@smartadvantagegrp.com

SMART ADVANTAGE GROUP claims to offer the service of selling timeshare properties. They contact and owner claiming to have a "purchase order from an interested buyer...". They go on to state a 6% commission will be taken from both buyer and seller.
Sportsmaster, Inc

Alabama Title Solutions
Robert Hilton
Lisa Black

Scammers are calling making large offers for timeshares and requesting that money be wired to Mexico.
Spring Realty and Escrow RealtyRoy Berman (Spring Realty)Phone: 646-415-8070 ext 414 (Roy), Escrow Realty: 917-671-9640,101 Liberty St New Yourk NY (pretty sure they mean New York)
Staten Island Real Estate Properties, Inc.
Ultimate Escrow LLC
Thomas J. Fontana
George Tabor
Staten Island Real Estate Properties, Inc.
Thomas J. Fontana - N.Y. Realtor License #35FO0505905
Tel. (917) 675-5368 Ext. 703

George Tabor - NY Realtor License #35TA0729463
Tel. (917) 675-5368 Ext. 703

Email (For Both): contact@statenislandrealestatepropertiesinc.net

Ultimate Escrow LLC
Alex Wilson
Tel. (646) 760-4066 Ext. 751
As with most of these scams the conmen claimed they had a buyer for the Timeshare, and that the money would be put into escrow and disbursed to the seller upon title transfer. The scammers asked that a Mexican tax be wired by the seller instead of paid out of escrow. The target of this scam properly identified that in a legitimate transaction the tax would simply be deducted from the sales price.

Superior Resales ServicesMichael Thomson, Sales Agent
Ralph J. Shaw, Sales Director
Susan C. Beckner, Secretary
Thomas Brito, Acting Sales Director
944 S. Calhoun St.
Fort Wayne, IN 46802
(260) 220-1096
Will contact owner with claims of a buyer willing to pay outrageous sum. Wants seller to wire money for fees. . There is no business registered in the state of Indian by Superior Resales Service, or anything resembling that name.
TEL 831293139137
How did they request the money to be sent? SERA MANEJADO POR LA CIE DE CIERRE QUE SE ASIGNARA A LA TRANSACCION, which translates to :This will be handle by cie of closing that will be assigned to the transaction". Address in Chicago is real
The Club Exchange ProgramAnthony Walker702-342-1386Uses the website clubxchangeprogram.com (currently offline 10/18/2017)
The EscrowCloser IncDavid FletcherAddress: 232 South State Street Chicago, ILAddress is for a fashon shop
The International Groupbrokeragesprime.com



Angelique Carley
Oscar Rodrigo Dominguez
Scam operation working in the scammers operatring purchasemytimeshare.com, who claims to have a corporate buyer for Mexican timeshares.

Request the victim wire funds for title check, transfer fees, and capital gains taxes. While the transfer fee is the only requirement to be paid to transfer a Mexican timeshare, that fee is paid to the resort directly from the escrow account, during a legitimate transaction.

They claim to be located in Wyoming, however the address given is just a mail forwarding and company registering business.

The International Group also shows up on ScamGuard.com - Purchasemytimeshare.com and The International Group Scam

The RealtorsMichael Becker, Harumi SotoPhone: 929-733-7796 Website: https://realtorstb.com/ Address: 200 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10166
The Solution Servicesthesolutionservices.net
Cold call offering $15,000 - $20,000 for a timeshare ownership, with $5,000 required before the transaction could be processed.
The Solution Services LLCBrian Whitaker, Sales Representative. 201 N Illinois St

16th Floor

Indianapolis, IN 46204


(317) 225-5612


Scam operation that stole the name of a legitimate business and even somehow had the ability to change the registered address of the company with the state authorities.

Claiming to have a buyer for a timeshare in Mexico. Same old scam.

Scammers even have a notice on their paperwork that reads:

Attention Clients:
Please be alerted that there is a fraudulent company mimicking our organization, we have informed
the Better Business Bureau, Indiana Secretary of State and the Attorney General of Indiana.
In the event you are contacted by any phone number or E-mail other than:
Phone Number: 317-225-5612
E-mail: contact@thesolutionservices.net
Please inform us IMMEDIATLEY!

The BBB has a notice about this scam operation as well. It can be read here - BBB Scam About The Solution Services LLC
The Travel Store Inc.Michael Dasilvawww.travelstore1987.com

Birgminham, AL 35215
Tel. 205-236-5881
Fax. 205-235-9588
Offering large sums of money to buy Mexican timeshares. In conjunction with Wilcox Escrow
Timeshare Complete Transfer GroupMichelle Hayshttps://www.timesharecompletetransferringgroup.com/

Fax Number: (877)-841-9510

​200 S. Orange Ave. Orlando, FL. 32801
Timeshare Complete Transfer GroupMichael Crichton– Chief Vice President 200 S. Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801

Amber Miller
Sales Consultant
Timeshare Complete Transferring Group
Direct Line 407-885-3421
Fax 877-841-9510
200 S. Orange Ave, Orlando, FL

This company is bold enough to claim associations with and preferred provider status with RCI, Interval International and Fidelity National Title. This is a fraudulent claim.
Timeshare InternationalMichael Cruz - Sales Director1015 Chestnut Ave
Carlsbad, CA 92008

fax 800-937-7141


Scam operation claiming to have a buyer for Wyndham Points. Scammers claim the seller only needs to cover closing costs and other legal fees.

Also claim that they have 10,000 unique visitors to their site daily.

Claim they received 3.2 million visits to their site

Claim they drove $254 million in purchase and rental offer last year.

Claim they have more than $3 billion in timeshare resales and rental offers to date.

Their website was created in June of 2020. Their website was registered in the Dominican Republic but they claim to have a physical address in Carlsbad, California. Their address in Carlsbad is for a office building, yet they don't say which suite they are located.

When google searching their phone number, it pulls customer service for known Crypto Currency Scammers.

Timeshare Legal TransferJeremy Willis
Timeshare Owners ReliefWalter Disquehttp://www.timeshareownersrelief.com/
122 Seascape Drive , Suite 1607, Destin FL 32550
Also uses name Jerry Rogers using phone 850-598-4398
117 E. 37th Street STE 392 LOVELAND, CO 80538


Timesharesalenow1(800) 405-8498
(707) 876-4304
Posing as Timeshare Specialists (@timesharesalesnow.com)

No legitimate social media links.

BBB credential is false

Elaborate digital timeshare scam spanning 3 sites.
Timothy Dennis Hance Law FirmAbigail Saurez
Timothy Dennis Hance
Miguel Sierra
Georgia Cohen
333 S. Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90071.

Bar Number: 288378

(213) 259 8327


Scammers using Timothy Dennis Hance Law Firm are connected with the AirGorilla Corp scam.

Timothy Hance is a licensed attorney in California. However, the scammers are using his information and have created a website and online presence pretending to be Timothy Hance.

The real Timothy Hance is not a private practice attorney and is in no way involved with the scammers pretending to be him.

Update: After corresponding with the real Timothy Hance we have been informed of additional websites the scammers are creating to continue pretending being Timothy Hance Law Firm. The links are provided below to help stop other victims of this scam.

If you are involved with a timeshare transaction involving the Timothy Dennis Hance Law Firm please know that it is 100% a scam.


The image below is the logo the scammers use on their documents and website.

Timothy Dennis Hance Lawfirm Scam Logo
This is the logo that the scammers are using to pretend to be Timothy Hance
Title Consulting, LLCDave Miller
Jeffrey Mullins
Dave Miller
Title Consulting
+1 (305) 529-3746

Jeffrey Mullins properties@remarketingwa.com
+1 (206) 502-2841
Offered to sell a timeshare in Mexico for $34,000. They sent a legitimate looking contract for the sale an set up a trust account with Citibanamex. The scammer then claimed that a number of fees were required to complete the transaction, including tax and custom fees. These were all lies and the sale price was never dispursed.
Trade Business International Brokers, LLC

TBI Brokers LLC
Sheila Bogen (There is a real Sheila Bogen in Chicago who is licensed. The scammers are claiming to be her.Trade Business International Brokers, LLC
332 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60604
Telephone: (312) 313-9137

Fax Number: 13123130440


Another scam operation that is pretending to be a legitimate company and pretending to be a legitimate real estate broker.

The victim was called out of the blue by the scammers wanting to rent 5 weeks of his timeshare located in Mexico for $50,000.

He was quick to spot the scam and notified us the same day the scammers sent him an agreement.

The scam unfolds the same way, eventually the scammers will ask the timeshare owner to wire money to Mexico for some non-existent fees such as capital gains taxes, international notary fees, temporary naturalization for Tax-ID, or claim that the check for proceeds is held up at the border because it was not claimed. They will then say that they will need to hire an attorney to get the money released from the authorities.

There are no fees other than a transfer fee required for selling or transferring a timeshare located in Mexico. That fee is paid directly to the resort out of escrow.
TravelGenio - Scammer fraudulently claiming to be a real companysales@travelgeniomx.com

Av. Paseo de la Reforma Nº 250. Polanco, Polanco IV Secc. 06600. Ciudad de México, CDMX.

This scam is a bit different as the scammers are claiming to be Travel Genio, which is a real company. The scammers website and email addresses are travelgeniomx.com. You will notice the MX before the .COM.

They contact owners who do not have their timeshare listed anywhere and claim to be purchasing timeshare ownership to rent out through their website. This is 100% a scam.

They send a contract drafted by Vanesa Ivette Agosto, and attorney based out of Houston Texas. While there is a real person in Texas named Vanesa Ivette Agosto who has passed the bar, the scammers are claiming to be her and have created a website around her.

The real Vanesa Ivette Agosto is not affiliated with this scam.

The scammers will eventually ask the owner to wire money to Mexico to pay for non-existant fees for a timeshare transfer, including International Capital Gains Taxes, International Notary fees, Estoppel fees, Title Insurance, etc.
TravelwhereAlice Green, James MillerEmail: corp4@salesdep.com Phone: 1 (888) 208 0796 | Fax: 1 (888) 809 1832 Address: Av. Insurgentes Sur 1647, San José Insurgentes Benito
Juárez, 03900 Piso 3, Ciudad de México, México.
TrustWay Services




PH# (470) 206-0083

FAX# (470) 745-6037
Don't trust these guys, fraudulent escrow company attempting to commit wire fraud.
TS Elimination, LLC
National Consumer Communications
6130 Elton Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89107
(773) 389-1105
Reportedly cold calling owners offering high prices for timeshares and requiring thousands of dollars to complete the transaction.
Universal Real Estate BrokerageJohn D. Brusco
Phone: (866) 887- 9755 Ext. 207 | Fax: 1-917- 768- 3681

Address: 232 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013
It's evident by correspondence that English is second language. Mexican timeshare scam claiming to operate out of NYC.
Universal Vacation SolutionsSusan M. Wilcox
40 South Melrose Dr. Vista, CA 92081. Toll Free (866) 955-0453Universal Vacation Solutions is a scam company claiming to be located in California. They contact owners who have their timeshares listed online for sale. Their scam includes using fraudulent forms from the state of Florida, and requesting fees upfront for non existent requirements such as Tax Clearance Letters, and Closing Processing Fees. They offer owners more than they have their timeshare listed for.

Their address in Vista California is for a real office building, but no one by the name Universal Vacation Solutions is located in the building.

No business by the name "Universal Vacation Solutions" is registered in California.

As of 5/5/2020 their website http://universalvacationsolutions.com/ was down, and not loading. The Website URL was purchased in February of 2020, using a Domain by Proxy registration service.

Universal Vacation Solutions is a scam operation.

Vacation Holdings LLCLuis Costa518 E. Douglas Av. Suite 111. Wichita, KS 67202
Phone: (316) 677 8153 Toll Free: (866) 802 9331
Web: www.vacationholdingsllc.com Mail: contact@vacationholdingsllc.com
Pre-approved offer, lawfirm chosen for transaction will be in country where the property is located aka Mexico
Val Capital LLCJohn Bennet Collins Jr.www.valcapitaladvisors.com
+44 (20) 7660-1478

160 City Road
London EC1V 2NX

Direct Line: +44 (20) 7660-1478
Toll Free: +1 (866) 681-1120
Fax: +1 (888) 469-6863
Email: contact@valcapitaladvisors.com

Scammers claiming to be based in London England, claiming to have a buyer located in Denmark.

The address is for a mail forwarding business.

Scammers called out of the blue to a timeshare owner who owns at Grand Solmar in Mexico. Claiming to have a buyer for their 1 bedroom unit for nearly triple what the resort sells them for currently.

Timeshare owner found us before going down the rabbit hole of being asked to wire any money.

Vanesa Ivette Agosto (Attorney)346-201-4698
9219 Katy Fwy Houston, TX 77024Scammers created a web presence around a real individual who passed the bar. However, there is no LLC in Texas for Vanesa Ivette Agosto LLC. The mailing address is just a virtual office with telephone and mail forwarding services.

The real Vanesa Ivette Agosto is not involved in this scam by TravelGenioMX.
Wesley Financial Allocation (Not to be confused with Wesley Financial Group)Ricardo Rivera - BrokerPhone Number (s): (435) 602-6098 & (435) 602-7017
Fax: 1 (435) 608- 4404
Address: 125 1st Ave N Salt Lake City UT 84103
E- Mails:
Another spin on the rental scam where the bogus operations call timeshare owners in Mexico claiming to want to purchase a block of their available weeks to rent out to corporate clients. Scammers claim to pay more than the resort is charging the public. The scam unfolds using an attorney to collect the 10% commission that the scammers are claiming is their only payment. Victims will be asked to wire money to Mexico for non existent fees.
Westwood Reality of Arizona"Original Investor"Cannot find any entity matching this description online.Man calls owners claiming to be original investor who wants more control of resort so increasing his timeshare holdings and offered 25K. Wanted to use 100% Escrow out of Colorado which maintains it is a legitimate ecrow company unaware of this scam.
Wiilcox Escrow LLCRex MooreCamden AL 36726
Fax. 334-460-0825

Works in conjuction with fake timeshare broker Travel Store Inc.
Woodland Propertiesmore info coming soonWoodland-Properties.com
625 6th Ave, NY 10011
More info coming soon.

A potential victim emailed us asking about Woodland Properties. Based on their website appearance, being only registered 8 months ago, and indicating an address of a high rise building in NYC without a floor, unit, or suite number, we are confident this is a scam operation.

They have no BBB or Yelp page, no presence on google, and there is no registered company in NYC by their name. The phone number and fax numbers listed are not formatted correctly, something indicative of the known scam operations.

The biggest red flag was the potential victim was contacted out of the blue. He does not have his timeshare listed anywhere for sale or for rent.
Woodland PropertiesAlicia SmithFAX; (646)
661-3521; a.smith@woodland-properties.net
Cold caller informing owners that investors would be bidding on their timeshare contract.
Worldwide Properties Real Estate CompanyAddress: 80 Pine Tt, New York, NY 10005
Worldwide Timeshare ExchangeRichard Emerson
Donna Kennedy

They are using phony email and phone numbers (with MT area code)

5444 Crenshaw Los Angeles 90043
(323) 815-4521

Company claims to use Resort Closings Inc., a reputable timeshare closing and escrow company to accept funds. RC Inc. does not work with this company and the documents they use are dated and use an old address.

***Update 3/26/2019 - Richard Emerson is now posing as "Timeshare Resort Closings" still attempting to confuse customers with a version of RC Inc. brand name.
Your Premier Properties Real Estate CorpGeorge Benavides (Scammer claiming to be George)

Joseph Fassari ( Scammer claiming to be Joseph)

Joel Ehrenfeld (Scammer claiming to be Joel)
1251 Avenue of the Americas,

New York, NY 10020

Tel. 347-429-7342 l Fax. 1-347-491-4839




View more on these scammers on the BBB - https://www.bbb.org/us/ny/new-york/profile/timeshare-resale-and-rental-marketing/your-premier-properties-real-estate-group-0121-186618/customer-reviews

The scammers are using the real names of individuals in New York who have a real estate license.

George Benavides, Joseph Fassari, and Joel Ehrenfeld are real people who are also being victimized by the scammers pretending to be them.

The scammers claim to be at Your Premier Properties Real Estate Corp. This is a registered company name in New York, but the real company is not operating in New York.

Similar to the majority of the other scams they will eventually ask the victim to wire money to Mexico for some nonexistent fees.

GBM Escrow Service IncRandi Bandman - R.Bandman@repcompanyllc.com -- Broker
Joseph Brown -- J.Brown@repcompanyllc.com
Aaron J. Smith
Cold caller reached out offering $124,050 for a timeshare week that was originally purchased for around $40,000. Fake New York addresses were used and found to be a CVS Pharmacy rather than an Escrow Company.
DNA FinancialRobert and Steven WalkerScammer offered $45,789 for a timeshare originally purchased for $15,000. Then requested $10,450 to complete the transfer. Company requested payment via wire or Zelle.
Romdi Miller Law Firm, Dallas TXMark DÕAprile, atty
Samuel at Roomdi
Oscar Gonzalez at Pueblo Bonito
Daniel Jimenez at SAT
Josh Cooper at IFF Bank
Standard scam where Timeshare owner is offered much more than their timeshare was worth, and then asked to make a $4,000 upfront payment to complete the deal.
Allegro Travel Vacations Group, LLCJames SolivanThis Scam was focused on a offer to rent rather than sell a timeshare. The owner was offerend $23,700 for a rental and was supposed to pay an amount to secure the rental.
Merchant ServicesRobert and Steven WalkerSame names are associated with another scam that follows the normal format of claiming to have buyer for an timeshare at an inflated price. In this case the owners was offered $35,000 for their timeshare which was originally purchased for $15,000
Consulting & Investment Solutions LLC
Mendoza Villanueva & Asociados
Banco de Mexico
Tafer Group
Jameson Taylor1165 N Clark St. Suite 700, Chicago, IL 60610
+1 (773) 245-0049
+52 1 (773) 245-0049
CRD# 123975

Domicilio / Address:
Blvd. Puerta de Hierro 5210, Puerta de Hierro
C.P. 45116, Zapopan, Jalisco, MŽxico.
(33) 5004 7268
011 52 (33) 5004 7268
I was contacted by a Chicago firm in October to sell my timeshare vacation package. They sent me a contract. I was then contacted by Mexican attorneys Mendoza Villenueva & Asociados. For the last 3 months there has been much back and forth. I unfortunately paid 1100 US for notary, and an additional 2,400 for taxes, which they confirmed I would be reimbursed for. The US company then requested an additoinal 2,600 for insurance to keep my file open due to delays and became increasingly suspicious. Conmen faked many documents including contracts, letters, Tax payments, Notary Payments, wire transfers, etc. Timeshare owner contacted the Tafer Group (the buyers) and they confirmed the named individuals on their letterhead do not work for the corporation
Crefa Escrows Limited
Walsh Realty NY
Travis A. Lang, Escrow Officer, CPA for Crefa Escrows Limited
Fred Baltimore
Michael T. Mason
Don J. Daniels
Michael T. Mason, Attorney at Law
James L.Edwards, CFO
J. Levy, Sales Associate
Crefa Escrow 888-201-0419
Walsh Realty 866-527-4852
Walsh Realty NY, 80 Cutter Mill Rd, Great Neck NY 11021
Claimed to have a buyer ready to pay over 100k for a timeshare, but requested upfront payment to seal the deal. Used Citibanamex, Cross-Border Division with an account number that matched other correspondence. Phone number told me that the money was in the account.
Ian Davis Attorneys - San Francisco
Son Attorneys - Mexico
W. Daniel Caggiano/Ian Davis Attorneys-San Francisco (415) 801-6722
Francisco Antonio Fraile Garcia/Son Attorneys-Mexico : 52 55 4172 5600
Aduano Border Patrol Officer David Aguilar : Tel: 1-(866)-957-4640
Depto. Servicio de Administraci—n Tributaria Cinthia Torres Ramirez
1-888-207-7810 atencionalcontribuyente@tramite-internacional.mx
H10 Premium (FAKE) Fernando Sandoval 1-866-944-2997
Theodore Wilkerson-888-384-4622
Aduano Border Patrol Officer David Aguilar : Tel: 1-(866)-957-4640
Cinthia Torres Ramirez 1-888-207-7810
Westwood Realty in Arizona
Michael Zavala Escrow
Jason Phillips
Josh Harris
Scammers claimed to have a corporate buyer from China and they were brokering the transaction. Offering $32,000 for a $20,000 timeshare.
L & Associates going as Lewis and Associates Realty
Goldcrest Corp LTD
Name of broker: Noah Carter
Buyer: Hana Mia Date
Number: 917-905-4641
Fax: 332-241-8692
Email: contact@lewisandassociaterealty.com
Address: 140 Broadway New York, NY 10005
Rental CoordinatorDouglas Peston386-456-6622This scam is focused on renting an owner's timeshare week. The con artist claims to be a rental coordinator and request an upfront fee to faciliate rental of the owners timeshare week. Payment may be done with credit/debit card not just wire.
Enterprise Capital CorpManny Mendonia
Vincent Pacheco
400 20th St. N. Birmingham, AL 35234
Direct Line: (205) 409-0035
Fax: (205)606-9963
These scammers have a great website. Phone number and email all add up. The person reporting the scam verified the scam by noticing the street address via Google Maps belongs to a law firm and not Enterprise Capital Group. Also contacted my timeshare resort to make sure they hadn't heard anything from the con artists. Also found some names associated with my scam on this and other websites.